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Fourth Roundtable on Climate Change

This was hosted by AOCS and AC and moderated by Hetty Einzig.

Resource following dialogue on

Ethics: straight talking, myth busting

The resource below has now been published in the Coaching Perspectives Magazine and is shared here with kind permission from Hetty Einzig of the Association for Coaching and the Author, Lorenza Clifford of Association of Coaching Supervisors.

It is our hope that Supervisors and Training Providers will use this as a resource document for conversations with coaches, not to adopt the words in the article, but to prepare everyone to have their own thoughts and be ready for conversations with clients, that might include Climate and Ecosystems as a stakeholder or as part of the systemic background to their work.

This resource comes from the Roundtable between 5 Speakers, 2 Co-hosts, 1 Moderator and 97 LIVE
PARTICIPANTS from the coaching profession covering the following questions:

• When and how does raising awareness extend beyond the client agenda? 
• What does it mean to act professionally in challenging times? 
• How do coaching and activism sit together? 
• What kind of ethical guidance is needed when equity and justice are threatened?
• What other models of leadership can inform the profession and help us navigate these new worlds?
• Are coaches equipped to support the levels of distress we are now seeing?

4th JGSG Roundtable on Climate Change

First Roundtable on Climate Change

Welcome to the First Roundtable of the Joint Global Statement Group on Climate Change from the Professional Bodies for Coaching, Coaching Psychology, Mentoring, and Supervision. This was kindly hosted by the IAC and APECS.