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Unique collaborations between eleven leading professional bodies in coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring, and supervision who are co-signatories to the Joint Global Statement on Climate Change. We will bring fresh details below as they emerge.

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We invite you to attend the whole series of free online coaching roundtables in 2022 and 2023. 

All are welcome, free of charge.

You may belong to one of the professional bodies that signed. We also invite coaches, mentors, supervisors and coaching psychologists who are not members. It’s a cross industry event, we hope you can be there.

All welcome to these free virtual events, scroll down for details organised under the headings:

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Telling Stories: Empowering Change – Imagining Sustainability for Future Generations

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Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 12:00 to 13:15  GMT

Join us for an interactive session, where we invite the inspirational Denise Baden to join colleagues from APECS, APAC and EMCC Global to explore the power of storytelling in creating energy to respond positively to the climate and sustainability challenge. This will be an enlightening and interactive session.

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Professor Denise Baden is a Professor of Sustainable Practice within Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton. She writes green stories and is a proponent of the power of storytelling. She will be hosted by Uma Arora from APAC, Eve Turner from APECS and Rita Symons from EMCC Global.

Join us to explore the power of storytelling in climate action


Dates for your diary:

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The Joint Global Signatory Group on Climate meets on April 24th 2024 and then July 24th 2024, October 16th 2024, January 15th 2025. Further events for 2024 are also in the pipeline and will be planned soon. They will be posted here and shared on social media and also shared through the 11 professional bodies on their websites and update media.





Presented by

COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring of South Africa) and IAC (the International Association of Coaching) as part of the series of roundtables offered by members of the JGSG (Joint Global Statement Group on Climate Change) to increase awareness on how coaches, mentors, and coaching psychologists can engage in addressing sustainability needs.

  • Charlie Martial Ngounou (Moderator & Panellist Representing IAC – from Cameroon)
  • Lindelwa Jabavu (Panelist Representing COMENSA and CCA Africa – from South Africa)
  • Debola Deji-Kurunmi (Representing IAC –  from Nigeria)

Date:               29 November 2023        

Duration:         75 minutes

What happens in Africa affects the rest of the world,

and each person around the globe can help in ensuring a sustainable Africa.


AOCSCCA, and ProReal now rebranded as ReThinkly (one of our commercial partners) will be hosting:

Biodiversity Habitat & Ecosystems

How advances in technology might inform and support supervision conversations around climate and biodiversity coaching. Come along for a very modern experience of coaching supervision.
What else is needed for working with climate change and biodiversity conversations?

Revised Date: 20 April, 2023. 5.30-7.30pm GMT Dateful Timezone Converter



Hosted by AOCS and AC and moderated by Hetty Einzig.

Ethics: straight talking, myth busting.

• When and how does raising awareness extend beyond the client agenda? 
• What does it mean to act professionally in challenging times? 
• How do coaching and activism sit together? 
• What kind of ethical guidance is needed when equity and justice are threatened?
• What other models of leadership can inform the profession and help us navigate these new worlds?
• Are coaches equipped to support the levels of distress we are now seeing?

Register now for your free place:

21 March, 2023 for this 2-hour FREE event. Noon – 2pm GMT Dateful Timezone Converter

The format was designed by George Warren and Lorenza Clifford and will include a roundtable dialogue as well as smaller discussion groups. Hetty Einzig will be moderating a lively session with a panel of thought-provoking speakers and your participation.

  • How to explore climate change across the corporate and individual sector
  • How to find a balance between the different ethical arguments around Climate Coaching
  • How some of the myths in the coaching industry might be holding us back when it comes to agendas for sustainability and climate action

We look forward to our dialogue together.

Coaching Beyond: Extending the Reach and Boundaries of Coaching



Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil and Veronica Wantenaar, PCC

Discussing the coaching agenda, boundaries, and how to introduce climate change.
Join on 17 February, 2023 at 4pm India Time. (IST) / 10:30AM GMT Dateful Timezone Converter

During this interactive and informative 1 hour session, hosts Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil and Veronica Wantenaar, PCC, will take a peek into the future of coaching. You will get to understand more about how coaches can bring climate change and biodiversity into coaching conversations. And, also learn about opportunities for Pro Bono Coaching through Ethical Coach. 

About the Facilitators: 

Dr. Anne Dolly Kuzhimadathil is the immediate past president of APAC and the founder of SALT. She is a psychologist, OD practitioner, master NLP practitioner, and coach with more than 25 years of expertise in synchronising, actualizing, leveraging, and transforming people, teams, and organizations. She is one of the co-authors of APAC’s “Book of Wisdom.” Thanks to a rare combination of academic and professional expertise, she adds intellectual rigour and practical wisdom to her practice, which straddles the external world of business and the internal world of self and relationships.

Veronica Wantenaar, ICF PCC and COMENSA Master Coach, is the Vice President of COMENSA and a director of Chameleon Skills. She is a global Executive, Team and Leadership coach, coach mentor and supervisor with over 35 years of consulting experience in a wide variety of organisations, both profit and non profit. Having benefited from traveling and working in many different countries she appreciates the benefits that coaching can bring all around the globe. People are people everywhere. She is keen to reach out to those who would not normally be able to benefit from coaching, so a proportion of her time every year is donated to coaching in non-profit organisations that are dedicated to improving quality of life of their communities.

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As coaches how are we shifting the status quo?

18 January 2023

This event, co-hosted by APECS, COMENSA and the EMCC is aimed at creating collective wisdom through events that inquire, support and provoke new thinking. This 75 minute session will create space to explore the question:


with special contributions from Charmaine Roche and Denis Opio:

  • Charmaine Roche is a Coach, Consultant, Reflective Practice Facilitator. Charmaine brings the following orientations to her work: Compassionate disruption | Decoloniality as a systemic Lens | Social justice advocacy and activism| Principles of equality, equity & belonging.
  • Denis Opio is a Coach, Mentor and Climate Change Advocate, CEO at Inspiring Star Initiative and a Member of Climate Coaching Alliance CCA.
  • Eve Turner is an award-winning coach, supervisor, researcher and author, co-founder of the Climate coaching Alliance, and past chair of APECS.
  • Rita Symons is a coach, supervisor, creator of insight into leadership and team dynamics and world citizen.
  • Veronica Wantenaar: Coach, Coach Mentor, Coach Supervisor and Change Facilitator – Veronica’s purpose is to enable organisations, teams, individuals and communities to thrive in this ever-changing world.
  • Will James is a leadership and team coach who partners leaders and teams to thrive on purpose, develop their people, and optimise their impact and does so through a systems lens.

The Role of Coaches in Climate Action

11 November, 2022

This event, co-hosted by the IAC and APECS, kicked off the series of Roundtable events by asking:

  • What is the role of coaches, supervisors, mentors, and coaching psychologists in addressing climate change?
  • What role do we, as practitioners, need to step into at this pivotal moment in history?

Coaching’s role is to work with – to support, challenge, develop, and partner with – the stakeholders who contract services and are impacted by those services. There is no coaching without clients. But how equipped are coaches to work in this new context with increasing evidence of climate and ecological crisis, alongside connected economic, political, and social challenges?

Climate Crisis : How Can Coaching Help?

2-13 November, 2020

Joint Global Statement on Climate Change: a collaborative discussion

Join us to share your views and questions around climate change and help shape policy and action.All our 6 events are free and open to all coaches. Each event is set in a different time zone to encourage your participation!
In a unique collaboration eight (at the time, now 11) leading coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision professional bodies have signed a Joint Global Statement on Climate Change committing ourselves to a collective voice and collaborative action on the climate and ecological crisis.

Given our coaching role to develop individuals and organisations in the service of creating social value, we have pledged to work together to play our part in addressing the climate emergency.

We share a commitment to raising awareness and knowledge with our members and to providing safe and challenging spaces for them to reflect on their role and their practice in the light of global challenges.

Together we are hosting open conversations on the Joint Global Statement on 6 dates from early to mid-November to share discussion, inquiry and reflection on these issues. All members of our professional bodies, as well as non-members, are welcome at each and all of these dates. Representatives of the signatory bodies will co-facilitate the sessions.