We are meeting in September 2021 to plan our next collaboration. Watch this space for details.


Browsing this website, engaging with the material from the webinars, the research findings and reflection questions, may lead you to plan to attend a future event:

  • with us, see above in the Future section
  • with the Climate Coaching Alliance a global body with local communities emerging around the globe, which has a regular programme of relevant events. For example:


Climate Crisis : How Can Coaching Help? 2-13 November, 2020

Joint Global Statement on Climate Change: a collaborative discussion

Join us to share your views and questions around climate change and help shape policy and action.All our 6 events are free and open to all coaches. Each event is set in a different time zone to encourage your participation!
In a unique collaboration eight leading coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision professional bodies have signed a Joint Global Statement on Climate Change committing ourselves to a collective voice and collaborative action on the climate and ecological crisis.

Given our coaching role to develop individuals and organisations in the service of creating social value, we have pledged to work together to play our part in addressing the climate emergency.

We share a commitment to raising awareness and knowledge with our members and to providing safe and challenging spaces for them to reflect on their role and their practice in the light of global challenges.

Together we are hosting open conversations on the Joint Global Statement on 6 dates from early to mid-November to share discussion, inquiry and reflection on these issues. All members of our professional bodies, as well as non-members, are welcome at each and all of these dates. Representatives of the signatory bodies will co-facilitate the sessions.