JGS Webinars

Following the successful launch of the Joint Global Statement (JGS) on Climate Change webinars were run to allow coaches to understand what it is and how they might need to alter elements of their practice.

In November 2020, the group of 9 Signatory organisations offered 6 virtual webinars, free to all coaching professionals from any professional body and none, where 2 main questions could be explored: Climate Crises: How can coaching help?  How can professional bodies best support us?

The six bodies co-hosted and the AOCS representative offered to chart the responses to the Joint Global Statement and these questions – in a way that could be fed back to all in a piece of transformative action research (Jackson & Cox) which can be kept alive and interactive. We stated how we would use what participants shared and encouraged further sharing. The proportions of this research kept growing, as people saw the benefit of capturing and sharing real life responses, questions, and concerns and how it added richness to the conversations as we went. 

AOCS have collected and clustered the comments from the chat function and ISCP has created this website to make the information free and accessible to all, and to have one place to update people and provide further resources: a truly collaborative effort to engage, raise awareness and inform.

What did we do in these webinars?

Below is the flyer for the Joint Global Webinars.

In each of the sessions participants were polled. Between 73% and 94% of participants felt coaching could make a difference, giving a clear message from those who chose to engage, and confirming the benefit of creating space for further dialogue.

Here are the six boards of comments that resulted from the 6 Webinars:

We have not stood still: Each of the JGS professional body representatives (9 signatories at the time of the webinar and growing) are each taking these forwards: for example with, reports, articles, and further dialogic and action focussed activities with their members.

Themes across all 6 Initial Webinars

The AOCS representative clustered the comments gathered using the chat function in a way that could usefully be fed back as transformative action research (Jackson & Cox) which can be kept alive and interactive.

Here are the themes, in no particular order:

We continue to engage with our members around what would be most valuable to help them and to bring new members to understand the commitments made by their professional body. To understand more, please refer to the Signatories page and click through to their website.