Research Findings

There are two levels of these research findings.

  • The boards of comments, as arranged after each webinar according to the parts of the conversation. The colours have been applied to help us categorise the types of comments provided. Pick by date title from the menu above for these.
  • The comments split mainly according to the colour categories into new boards; of interest to different ongoing dialogues. Pick by theme title from the menu above for these.

These Research Findings have been used during 2021 to stimulate further conversation, thought and action within our professional bodies and also during ongoing webinars to encourage coaches, mentors, coaching psychologists and coaching supervisors to think about what they might need to change in their philosophy, approach and conversations.

The signatories encourage you to join these ongoing conversations about climate coaching, to start from wherever you are in your thinking, and draw your own informed conclusions about how the climate crisis could be skilfully brought into coaching conversations, and when it is appropriate or not for you to bring it up.