Energy, Jobs and Stakeholders

In different areas of the globe participants had concerns that they were isolated in caring about Climate Change, or even admitting that it has been created by mankind’s industrial activities, despite scientists around the globe now being in agreement beyond doubt on this.

This led to wide ranging conversation about feeling conflicted introducing the subject, and about taking care around Stakeholder views, and about Jobs, and personal security, especially when linked with the Energy Sector.


With such a range of perspectives in mind, how can we help people reflect on the full breadth of reality, in our coaching sessions, to avoid tunnel vision and confirmatory bias?

What can we do to name and work skillfully with conflicts of interest and stakeholder tensions?

What are we modelling ourselves, in our homes, our workplaces, our professions?

Are we taking account adequately for the unintended consequences of our activities?

If not, what small shifts could be started now?