Hawkins’ Eco-cycle brought alive

In November 2020, the group of 9 Signatory organisations offered 6 virtual webinars, free to all coaching professionals from any professional body and none, where 2 main questions could be explored: Climate Crises: How can coaching help?  How can professional bodies best support us?

The first section of each webinar was designed to engage people and meet them wherever they are in their awareness and action on the Climate and Ecodiversity Crises. With his kind permission, we included Peter Hawkins’ Eco-Cycle model as a useful reference to locate their current position in relation to climate change (on the five stages from curious to active).

Here is how it was brought alive through the comments of participants across the 6 webinars. We find this board a thought provoking one, that promotes self-reflection and is useful for informing us about the range of concerns that coaches had at this snapshot in time and how they were engaging with the subject at the start of our conversations.


Where are you on the Eco-cycle today?

What are you taking away from your browsing of this resource?

What could change as a result?