Working with Emotions

We found at an emotional level, that many coaches find thinking about climate change tough, which has implications for Coaches, Coaching Supervisors and Coaching Psychologists.

For example from the discussion: What if people around me are still in firm denial about climate change, and I fear for my reputation? How will I be seen if I introduce this?

What if I become angry with my client for having a disregard for the subject, when I care so deeply about it? Outrage and frustration is common.

Such questions can be explored in coaching supervision.


It appears to be common to feel differently about the issue on different days of the week and in contact with different clients, leading to the questions:

How am I feeling about all this today?

How do I manage this and prevent overspill into my sessions without ignoring what my emotions are informing me about?

How can I maintain a sense of who I am as a coaching professional, and my identity in relation to this topic of climate change?