Professional bodies can..

When we specifically asked about the role of professional bodies, there was some feedback that we should update competency frameworks and our Codes of Ethics to make them more explicit about our broader societal responsibility. There was also a clear message that participants want their professional coaching bodies to hold space for continued engagement, dialogue and sharing of good practice. The headings in black were added later as descriptive titles of clusters of comments.

We have not stood still: Each of the JGS signatories (9 signatories at the time of the webinar and growing) are each taking these forwards: for example with, reports, articles, and further dialogic and action focussed activities with their members.

We continue to engage with our members around what would be most valuable to help them and to bring new members to understand the commitments made by their professional body.

To understand more, please refer to the Signatories page, choose the professional body and click through to their website.