4 levels of action

We saw our role as creating a safe space for dialogue, exploration and learning, not prescribing one right course of action.  Inclusion was a priority from the start. The initial organisations invited further organisations to join, and the Webinars were all free and virtual and held at times that would facilitate all parts of the globe joining. We recognise that not all have access to technology, or reliable access to the internet, even in relatively wealthy nations.. however, we did what we could to encourage diversity and a feeling of inclusion and being welcomed.

During the Webinars, we invited people to think about the kinds of action they could take, as a coach or as a private individual, as well as what we could do as professional bodies.


What actions might you add to this section, that you can see from your unique perspective?

Do you feel moved to action, or do you feel something else?

If you do: what action might you pick as a priority and how can you get started with that action?